February 2, 2015 - Roundtable

Analyzing Greece: Understanding the Future of the European Union After the Greek Elections

Last Sunday, Greek voters elected SYRIZA, a coalition of Trotskyites, Maoists, socialists, and other left-wing groups, to head the state. Campaigning on an explicitly anti-austerity program, the ramifications of their election victory remain unclear, with every analyst providing a different answer to the possibility of a "Grexit," "debt haircuts," and even the "end of the European project." Will the victory of SYRIZA be the first of many European left-wing, sometimes populist, coalitions to rise to power and challenge the status quo? Or is Greece merely an outlier on the continent?

The History Students' Association at McGill and the EUCE will be hosting Professor Tassos Anastassiadis (History), and Professor Sven-Oliver Proksch (Political Science) in an informal round table on the future of the European Union. Dr. Anastassiadis' will use his expertise on Greek history to deconstruct the systems of patronage that led up to the economic crisis, as well as examine the 40-year reign of a PASOK/New Democracy-controlled political system that voters rejected on Sunday. Dr. Proksch's research on European politics will shed light on the ramifications of left-wing populism on the future of the European Union moving forward.

Open to the public. Coffee and snacks will be served.


McGill University
Arts Building, Room W-215

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