May 7, 2013 - Lecture

Citizens like No Other. Contextual and Individual Explanations of Attitudes towards Roma Population in the EU

Speaker: Laurie Beaudonnet, EUCE/CÉRIUM's postdoctoral Fellow

The talk will be in French.

Abstract: Barbulescu and Beaudonnet's paper examines the sources for anti-Roma attitudes in the enlarged EU 27. Historically, the Roma population has been one Europe’s most marginalized and persecuted minorities. We study the anti-Roma attitudes by comparing them to attitudes towards other groups, non-EU migrants and other EU migrants. Recent research has shown that European migrants usually benefit from an "insider" status that softens attitudes towards them, in comparison to non-EU countries (third-country nationals). We argue that it is not the case for Roma. We investigate the individual and contextual explanations for this hierarchy in attitudes, relying on the 2008 European Value Survey. Using multilevel analysis, we study first the impact of salience of the Roma issue in public discourse as well as the size of the Roma population living in the country.2 We pay a particular attention to potential cleavages between Eastern and Western European Member-States. At the individual level, we test the effects of perceived economic versus cultural threats on negative towards Roma and the impact of attitudes towards Europe. Finally, we study the socio-economic profile of those who are more likely to express positive and negative attitudes towards Roma. To our knowledge, this paper is the first study to systematically explore the sources of Anti-Roma attitudes across European societies.

The draft of Barbulescu and Beaudonnet's paper is available by clicking on this link.

From Noon to 2 P.M.
A light lunch will be served from 11:30 A.M.

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