February 2, 2012 - Workshop

Gender, Care, Migration - Europe-Canada Compared

Concepts of care and care work reveal a gender division of labour, with women doing most of this work, often in the employment of other women. Care work is emotional work, involving a relationship to the body, and requiring skills. These three terms also call for rethinking work itself, as frontiers of public/private and national borders are redrawn. In the North, care work is often done by migrant or immigrant women. Analysing through the lens of gender and migration can provide new understandings, about the globalisation of care work that is generating new social and economic relations in the North as well as the South, as well as relations of power between women that result from this way of structuring care in ageing societies.

Gender, care and migration are three closely interrelated concepts, and they must be analysed together. This workshop will do so, via an examination of three cross-cutting themes that encourage an analysis of the links among the three concepts. The first theme directly addresses the interrelationship: is there a specific form of intersectionality in the area of care? How does care reconfigure power relations among women? The second cross-cutting theme focuses on the ethnic diversity generated by the concentration of migrant and immigrant women care work in Canada and Europe. How do such population movements and the resulting cultural diversity redesign care work in these regions at the same time that states are reconfiguring their actions in this policy area? Finally the workshop addresses the triptych gender/care/migration from perspective of citizenship. The focus is on the extent to which adjustment in rights and citizenship are called forth by practices of migration and or managing diversity in these new social relations of care.

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Free entrance but registration compulsory: patricia.garcia@umontreal.ca.

Event organized by Pascale Dufour, Jane Jenson, Éléonore Lépinard (Political Science Department, UdeM) in the name of:

  • Centre de recherche sur les politiques et le développement social (UdeM)
  • European Union Center of Excellence (UdeM-McGill)
  • Immigration and Social Policy TRG, Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue Cluster
  • Canada Research Chair in Citizenship and Governance (UdeM)

February 2, 2012: 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm
February 3, 2012: 9:00 am – 5:15 pm

Université de Montréal
Carrefour des sciences
3150 Jean-Brillant


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