July 2, 2012 - Training

L’Europe économique, de sa naissance à la crise

Since 1957 when the Treaty of Rome came into effect, the European economy has experienced periods of prosperity tied to the 30-year post-war boom and more recently a period of profound crisis. As the world’s largest economic zone and first beneficiary of globalization, Europe offers an unprecedented model of economic integration in that it combines a common currency for 17 countries, convergence criteria that have been little respected, non harmonized taxation policy, differentiated labour costs and economic governance inspired by intergovernmentalism. During its growth period, Europe asserted itself as an economic power. While in crisis, Europe is displaying the limits of its model of integration. This conference will examine the decisive steps taken by the European economy and discuss the institutional and political factors that have been key parts of the 2009-2012 crisis.

Martial Foucault is a professor in the political science department of the Université de Montréal. Since 2011, he has been director of the European Union Centre of Excellence. His work deals with political economy, public policy and electoral behaviour. He is the author of some 20 articles (published in the American Journal of Political Science, West European Politics, the British Journal of Political Science, Public Choice and elsewhere) and recently published European Security since the Fall of the Berlin Wall (with Frédéric Mérand and Bastien Irondelle).


Etienne Farvaque is a professor of economics at the Université du Havre in France and a member of the EQUIPPE research laboratory of the Universités de Lille. His areas of interest are monetary macroeconomics and the political economy of public decision-making. He is the author of four books, including La Banque Centrale Européenne et Économie de la Démocratie, as well as more than 30 papers that have been published in scholarly journals. He may be contacted at Etienne.Farvaque@univ-lehavre.fr.


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Mandatory readings:

  • Mody, Ashoka and D. Sandri. 2012. "The eurozone crises." Economic Policy, April 2012, 199–230.
  • Chopin, Thierry and J-F Jamet. 2011. "L’Europe face à la crise : quels scénarios ? Eclatement, statu quo ou poursuite de l’intégration ?" Question d’Europe n°219.


This conference is part of the Summer School «Europe in crises» (2-7 July 2012).

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