April 24, 2014 - Lecture

Taxation and Civic virtue. An interdisciplinary and intercontinental debate

Speaker: Nicolas Delalande, Assistant professor, Department of History, Sciences Po Paris.

Lecture as part of an interdisciplinary workshop on taxation and civic virtue: A comparison between Europe and North America.

Workshop abstract: Debates over taxation and a common fiscal policy in Europe have been mushrooming these last months as a response to the delawerization of Europe and competitive fiscal dumping and at a moment when the European integration idea is viewed with more and more skepticism. Besides the obvious and superficial appeals to "civic virtue", can taxation, especially of the wealth producers or detainers be seen as producing or enhancing a notion of civic community? And what is the appropriate level where this phenomenon occurs: local, state, federal ? What can the examples of federal states as Canada and the USA tell us on issues such as imposition of federal taxation and opposition to federal taxation? What can the various national examples in Europe teach us on the way to deal with this fundamental question: How do you get the "wealthy" to pay?

Other participants:

Allison Christians, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University
Elsbeth Heaman, Assistant Professor, Department of History, McGill University
Jason Opal, Assistant Professor, Department of History, McGill University
Tassos Anastassiadis, Assistant Professor, Department of History, McGill University
Till van Rahden, Associate Professor, Department of Modern Litterature and Languages, Université de Montréal (tbc)

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