May 31, 2013 - Colloquium

The Future of Canada in Euro-Atlantic Security Organizations


8h30-9h00. Welcome
Frédéric Mérand (Université de Montréal) and Vincent Pouliot (McGill University)

New Security Risks in the Euro-Atlantic Area
Alexandra Gheciu (University of Ottawa)
William Wohlforth (Dartmouth College)

Coffee break

11h00-12h30. Are NATO, OSCE and EU mandates still relevant ?
Eva Gross (European Union Institute for Security Studies)
Terrence Hopmann (Johns Hopkins University)


13h30-15h00. The Quest for Efficiency in Euro-Atlantic Organizations
Per Norheim-Martinsen (FAFO Institute for Applied International Studies)
Wallace J. Thies (Catholic University of America)

Coffee break

15h30-16h30. The Transatlantic Relationship : Canada, US, Europe

Sten Rynning (University of Southern Denmark)

16h30-17h30. Roundtable on the Future of Canada in Euro-Atlantic Organizations
All participants

Participation: by invitation only.

Event organized by the EUCE, the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies (UdeM-McGill) and the Dickey Center for International Understanding (Dartmouth College).

With the support of the Defence Engagement Program, Department of National Defence.

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