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February 27, 2012 - Call for applications

European Union Study Tour

The EU Study Tour provides a unique opportunity for students in a variety of disciplines: business, economics, international European politics, international relations and social issues --to immerse themselves in the European Union and other European institutions.

You will have the opportunity to have “face to face” contact and dialogue with presenters and seminar leaders from the ranks of those actively involved in the day to day work of the EU, other European institutions, diplomatic representations to the EU (including Canada) and significant civil society organizations.  You will experience the EU in action-- by attending a hearing at the European Court of Justice, sessions at the European Parliament and the European Commission, and media conferences, to mention only a few.  We like to say this experience isn’t only “about the EU”—it’s “in the EU”!   Each year great effort is made to include and highlight topics of growing relevance to Europe and Canada as well as continue a core program of business, economic, political and social themes.

Students participating in the Tour may also apply to participate in an internship (2 months or more) in a European institution; internships take place after the Tour and are unpaid.

For more infos:  http://www2.capilanou.ca/programs/europe.html


From May 6 to May 26, 2012

Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Hachenburg, Eltville, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, and Luxembourg.

How much?
2 050$ (=2 800-750 $ stipend from the Direction des relations internationales at UdeM).
The Tour fee includes accommodation and local transportation. Local transportation includes transportation by private coach to Brussels, Frankfurt, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.  The arrival and departure location is Brussels.  Transportation to Europe and our hub city, Brussels, is NOT included in the Study Tour fee.  Although the Tour and our host institutions provide a number of dinners and lunches plus several receptions, participants are responsible for their meals while in Europe.

Academic credit?
Political Science Department, UdeM. Supervisor : George Ross

Required documents?
Applications should include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and an academic record.

February 27, 2012

Please contact urgently Carl Bouchard : carl.bouchard@umontreal.ca or 514 343-2271.

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