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Thirteen European chambers of commerce, consulates, trade commissions and business networks in Montreal organize Carrefour Europe on an annual basis. It is one of the largest gathering of the European-Canadian business community in Montreal. It is the Euroaffaires' Network.

Euroaffaires' events:


Canadian German Chamber

Advantage Austria, Consulate General of Austria

State of Bavaria Quebec Office

Cercle Esteler


 European Union Centre of Excellence (Université de Montréal - McGill University)

French Chmaber of Commerce in Canada


Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce


Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada





Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Québec


Consulate General of Romania

Department of International Affaires, Francophonie and External Commerce of Quebec

Euroaffaires' background history:
EuroAffaires was a website providing useful and strategic information to companies based in Quebec that were planning to do business in Europe. This information included data concerning access to markets (by countries, regions or sectors), norms and labour regulations, tax and fiscal rules, company implementation aids, etc.

The Chair Jean-Monnet in European Integration developed this website in collaboration with the Ministère du Développement économique, de l'Innovation, et de l'Exporation of Quebec from 2006. It was maintained by Mirentxu Aguerre, Kathleen Angers and Capucine Berthouloux (research assistants) and Catherine Villemer (project manager).

EuroAffaires was officially launched in October 2008, during the 6th edition of Carrefour Europe and ended with the government implantation of Export Quebec.

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