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Johnson A. F. and Ugland Trygve
"The Two Worlds of Jean Monnet: Practical and Theoretical Building Blocks of Political Integration"
L’Union européenne et les États-Unis : Processus, politiques et projets
Bruxelles : Éditions Larcier.
Johnson Juliet and Forest Benjamin
"Monumental Politics: Regime Type and Public Memory in Post-Communist States"
Post-Soviet Affairs
  27(3) : 269-88
Johnson Juliet and Epstein Rachel
"Uneven Integration: Economic and Monetary Union in Central and Eastern Europe"
Journal of Common Market Studies
  48(5) : 1235-58
Johnson Juliet and Epstein Rachel
"The Czech Republic and Poland: The Limits of Europeanization"
In Kenneth Dyson, Martin Marcussen (eds)  Central Banks in the Age of the Euro: Europeanization, Convergence, and Power
Oxford : Oxford University Press.
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