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Saint-Martin Denis
"Le transfert de politique dans le temps : ou, pourquoi la politique de réforme du lobbying the l’Union européenne est-elle en mode accéléré?"
Gouvernement & Action Publique
Saint-Martin Denis
"Making Government More Business-Like: Management Consultants as Agents of Isomorphism in Modern Political Economies"
In John Mikler (ed.)  Handbook of Global Companies
Saint-Martin Denis
"Governments and Management Consultants"
In Matthias Kipping, Timothy Clark (eds)  The Oxford Handbook of Management Consulting
Oxford : Oxford University Press.
Jenson Jane, Dufour Pascale and Saint-Martin Denis
"Governing without a majority. What consequences in Westminster systems?"
Commonwealth & Comparative Politics
  49(4) : 435-39
Saint-Martin Denis and Rothmayr Christine
"Rationalism and Public Policy: Mode of Analysis of Symbolic Politics?"
Policy and Society
  30(1) : 33-45
Cronin James, Ross George and Shoch James
What is Left of the Left? Futures of the Left: Center-Lefts in a Globalizing World
Raleigh-Durham : Duke University Press.
Stolle Dietlind and Harell Allison
"Diversity and Democratic Policy: An Introduction"
Canadian Journal of Political Science
  43(2) : 235-256
Mérand Frédéric and Saurugger Sabine
"Does European Integration Theory Need Sociology?"
Comparative European Politics
  8(1) : 1-18
Saint-Martin Denis
"From Governing Society to Governing Itself: The French Administrative State and the Quest for Managerial Re-centralization"
French Politics
  8(3) : 342-54
Ross George, Streeck Wolfgang and Hay Colin
January (2009)
"Euroclash and Euro-Debates"
Socio-Economic Review
Stolle Dietlind and al.
"Ethnic Diversity and Generalized Trust in Europe"
Comparatives Political Studies
  42(2) : 198-223
Saint-Martin Denis
"La régulation de l’éthique parlementaire : l’institutionnalisation d’un champ d’expertise contesté"
Cahiers internationaux de sociologie
  126 : 21-37
Mérand Frédéric and Schwok René
L'Union européenne et la sécurité internationale: partiques et théories
Louvain-la-Neuve : Bruylant.
Sberro Stephan
"Could - and should - English win the "language war" in regional integration? NAFTA and EU experience"
Document number: 13/09
Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice  New York
S. E. Hayes Eric
"La nouvelle constitution européenne"
Montréal  2005-04-07
Institut d'études européennes (Université de Montréal - McGill University).
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