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Raïq Hicham, Bernard Paul and Van Den Berg Axel
"Family Type and Poverty under Different Welfare Regimes: A Comparison of Canadian Provinces and Select European Countries"
In Guy Fréchet, Danielle Gavreau, Jean Poirier (eds)  Social Statistics, Poverty and Social Exclusion: Perspectives from Quebec, Canada and Abroad
Montréal : Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal.
Van Den Berg Axel
"Flexicurity: What Can We Learn From the Scandinavian Experience?"
European Journal of Society Security
  11(3) : 245-270
Van Den Berg Axel and de Gier Erik
"Research in Transitional Labour Markets: Implications for the European Employment Strategy"
In Ralph Rogowski (ed.)  The European Social Model and Transitional Labour Markets: Law and Policy
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