29 octobre 2016 - Séminaire

Border management, Security, Migration and Refugee-Protection : The EU and its Mediterranean Fringe


The European Union Center of Excellence McGill University –Université de Montréal and the French School at Athens with the support of the Phrixos Papachristidis chair in Modern Greek and Greek-Canadian studies (McGill), the University of the Aegean and the Center for Security studies/KE.ME.A (Athens) are organizing a doctoral workshop on one of the key issues regarding the present and future of the European Union.


The workshop will take place at the French School at Athens, where the students will be lodged.

The EUCE will cover travel and lodging expenses for up to 8 doctoral students enrolled in Montreal Universities affiliated to it. 

The EFA will provide lodging for up to 8 more Phd students coming from Universities elsewhere in Europe.  Phd students from European Universities will be responsible for their own travel arrangements to Athens.

The organizers will try to provide food arrangements during the workshop.

Application process:

ð  Open to Phd students enrolled for .
=> Application deadline extended : 29 October 2016; Results will be announced by November 4th. 
=> Application file should contain :
                 - short CV : 1 to 2 pages
                 - the online Application form
                 - a short presentation of the Phd thesis

More details => here

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