25 septembre 2015 - Conférence

Forced migration in the Mediterranean: EU and South European states' perspectives and strategies

Conférencier: Panayotis J. Tsakonas, Professeur à l'Université de l'Égée

Résumé: What are the security repercussions of forced migration for both the EU and of particular South European states? For dealing with this important issue, firstly a detailed picture of how illegal migration unfolds in the broader Mediterranean region over the last decade (trends, migration routes, impact of the Arab uprisings, the Syrian crisis etc.) is given. Secondly, particular emphasis is put on understanding how forced migration is being perceived and interpreted  (a "securitization move"? in terms of "strategic culture"?) by the European Union as well as by certain South European states, particularly Italy and Greece. Concurrently, the European Union as well as the national (mainly Greek and Italian) responses and/or strategies to forced migration in the Mediterranean region are further discussed and analysed. 

Cette conférence est organisée avec le support de la Fondation AS Onassis et la Chaire Papachristidis en études modernes grecques

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Université McGill
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