29 septembre 2016 - Conférence

Minority Politics and Kin-States in Multietnic Regions

Conférenciers :

  • Minority Politics and Multinational Regions in the EU Borderland
    David Smith, Professor of Baltic History and Politics, University of Glasgow

  • Cross-border Politics as a Field of Ethnic Boundary-Making: Hungarians, Poles, and Russians in CEE 
    Zsuzsa Csergo Associate Professor and Chair of Political Studies, Queens University, and President of the Association for the Study of Nationalities

  • Claiming the diaspora: Russia's Compatriot Policy and its Reception by Russophone Population in Estonia

    Kristina Kallas, PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of Tartu (Estonia)

Modératrice : Juliet Johnson (McGill) 


Quand : 15h-16h30



Université Mcgill

Salle Leacock 429 

855 rue Sherbrooke Ouest


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