30 mars 2015 - Appel à candidature

Appel à assistants de recherche en études européennes

Description du projet (en anglais) :

Agnieszka Weinar is a scientific coordinator and research fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. She is currently a Marie Curie Fellow at Carleton University where she work with Metropolis International and the Center for European Studies. (http://www.migrationpolicycentre.eu/people/agnieszka-weinar/)

Her research project "EMIGRE – EU: Emigration Governance in Times of Crisis" focuses on the recent emigration (permanent and temporary) from the EU to other developed countries, in particular Canada. The project covers three main case studies: French, Polish and Portuguese migrants to Canada post-2004. As an additional group she studies also the British. The field work takes place in 5 different locations: Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton. To cover all these sites and to achieve ca 85 interviews with the above groups, Agnieszka would like to hire

The selection criteria for interviewers are pretty straightforward: some experience in interviewing; ability to communicate in English, French, Polish or Portuguese (ideally each interviewer should be able to cover a pair of languages); enough free time to complete interviews between March and mid-October, understanding of the European Union and the EU citizenship dimension.

The retribution is 100 CAD per interview (ca 45 minutes long). No transcription needed, but voice recording and an interview note required. Agnieszka will also need the help of the interviewers to actually reach the respondents (snowball).

As regards interviews:
There are three selection criteria for respondents: the person must be national of one of the above EU groups; the person must have come to Canada as a temporary or permanent migrant after 2004; and the person should be employed or seeking employment (or on paternity, maternity and parental leave).

Agnieszka is especially looking for interviewers in Vancouver and Edmonton (Calgary) where she still has no contacts and possibly also in Toronto.

If interested contact her at agnieszka.weinar@carleton.ca

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