18 décembre 2015 - Appel à communications

Conférence de l'Association d'Études sur la Communauté Européenne - Canada (AECE-C)

The European Union and North America: An Inevitable Partnership?
European Community Studies Association Canada (ECSA-C)
11th Biennial Conference
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
May 9-11, 2016 

EXTENDED Deadline for submission of Paper/Panel proposals: December 18, 2015 

The proposed conference seeks to bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars and students from North America and beyond to discuss the common challenges and actions that currently characterize transatlantic relations and compare experiences in a variety of policy fields (economics, politics, law and beyond). The themes addressed include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Transatlantic trade agreements (CETA, TTIP): impact and challenges
  • European and North American approaches to the management of the global economy
  • Social policy in times of austerity: European and North American experiences
  • EU-North America cooperation in fighting terrorism
  • The EU, North America and their involvement in the crisis in the Middle East
  • Transatlantic relations regarding Russia
  • Comparative perspectives on the management of migration and citizenship
  • EU and North American approaches to gender and diversity
  • Transatlantic cooperation on science and education

Consultez l'appel à communications ici ou rendez-vous sur le site de l'ECSA-C 2016 créé par l'Université Dalhousie. 



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